March 1999
These puzzles are from Chess Life Magazine from a column called Key Krackers by David L. Brown. If you click on the image of each puzzle it will bring up a slightly larger image that is more readable. If you have Zillions, click on the text link to download a Zillions Saved Game of that puzzle.
For Direct Mates, it is white's turn and white is to mate black. For Help Mates, it is black's turn, and both sides are trying to get white to mate black.

1706 G.J. Slater 1707 Herbert Ahues 1708 Cornelius Groeneveld
1st Pr. Lebanon Herald 1882 2nd Pr. Schach-Echo 1960 3rd Pr. Probleemblad 1984
Mate in Two Mate in Two Mate in Two

1709 Cor Goldschmeding 1710 Vincent L. Eaton 1711 Thomas & Joseph Warton
1st Pr. Die Schwalbe TT 1984 Limburgsch Dagblad 1st Pr. BCF 1945
Mate in Two Mate in Two Mate in Three

1712 Isaac Loyd 1713 Josif Kricheli 1714 Milan Vukevich
Frank Leslie's 1856 3rd HM Breuer Mem. 1984 1st Pr. USPB 1985
Mate in Five Mate in Nine Helpmate in Two (Two sols.)

1715 Toma Garai 1716 Yakov Cvetkov 1717 William Anderson
2nd Pr. Levelezesi Sakk. 1985 1st Pr. Probleemblad 1984 2nd Pr. USPB 1984
Helpmate in Two (Two sols.) Helpmate in Two (Two sols.) Helpmate in Four (Three sols.)

I have not posted the solutions, because it is too easy to look at the answers and say, "that wasn't so tough". These are some challenging puzzles, but they are usually worth the effort.

Zillions is a really cool program which you can find out all about at:
Once you have the game, you can download these saved games (puzzles) and play them through. However, these puzzles are rather difficult, and Zillions' search engine does not often find the shortest solution.

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